Soumyendu Sarkar
Soumyendu has over 20 years of machine learning, computer vision, image and video processing, high performance computing, scalable parallel and distributed computing, GPGPU, DSP, speech recognition and algorithm expertise.

He is an expert on different neural network architectures like CNN, R-CNN, RNN, LSTM and RL focussing on various use cases, and optimizations for computation and memory. He has extensively used Tensorflow framework for neural network implementations. He has also used Intel's BigDL framework for neural network optimizations on Spark and Caffe. For Machine Learning applications he has used Scikit Learn and Apache Spark's MLlib. 

Soumyendu has designed and developed products and solutions which have shipped in millions for Bell Labs, Lucent, Intel and General Electric. He brings in successful engineering, R&D and product management experience and have built and managed global teams in US, Europe and Asia. He has also integratedmultiple start up acquisition IPs into several successful products and platforms leading corporations and market leaders.​​​

The team has wide experience in software and systems in computer vision, machine learning, imaging, video, investment banks, financial transaction processing and data analytics for investment banks. 
​​Rajib is an executive, entrepreneur, technology advisor and columnist. Currently he is the Chief Data and Transformation Officer at Community Health Center Network
(CHCN), a risk bearing Medi-Cal Managed Care organization based in the Alameda
County, California, where he is responsible for Data Analytics, Digital Transformation and Innovation. CHCN and its network of community health centers take care of more than 250,000 underserved patients in the East Bay area.
Rajib also advises digital health start-ups.
Prior to his current role he held senior product and program management positions at Hill-Rom, Solta Medical and Bosch Healthcare and launched many successful products globally generating $100+ million revenue. Before that he worked as a consultant for global companies like Caterpillar, Nortel, CSX Transportation, and Marconi Telecom.

Rajib has a BS in Electrical Engineering, MS in Computer Science and a MBA from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.
All opinions shared by Rajib in this conference are solely his own and do not
necessarily express the views or opinions of his employer.

Rajib Ghosh
Nirlay has 20+ years of experience as a thought leader with major focus as a new technology business developer and change catalyst, with deep expertise in Telecom, Virtualization, NFV, 4G, Infrastructure , product development and consulting services. Currently he is working at Verizon Innovation Labs managing datacenter operations. Experienced in helping organizations venture into new territories and respond to market challenges by developing new service offerings, nurturing technology partnerships and establishing new delivery capabilities.. Experienced in providing global leadership, strategic planning, project management and team building expertise. He has an M.Tech from IIT Kharagpur, MS in Engineering from Leicester University, UK, MBA from Babson College.​​​
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